this is halloween – bat obsession

This Halloween it seems, I  have a bit of a bat obsession. The front door wreath that is in progress has bats, there is a bat garland in my dining room and by this time next week I'll have hanging bats all over the house. Pictures and tutorials to come, I promise. It has been a long work week for me and pictures taken late at night after working at 12+ hour day don't really come out well enough for blog posting. In the meantime, here are a few of the inspiration pictures for my bat … [Read more...]

this is halloween – sparkly skulls

I'm not sure what it is with my cats but apparently all the Halloween stash items are considered perfectly acceptable toys. This time it was Annie, my eleven year old pirate cat, who is turning into a kitten again since we introduced Lemur. I've seen some Martha Stewart kits for glittered skulls. I didn't look at great detail of what they contained but I had picked up these plastic skulls in a bag for under a dollar awhile back. Last year I scored some Martha Stewart Halloween glitter on super … [Read more...]

happy happy – manly birthday party decor

Last week was my best friend's boyfriend's birthday. We completely surprised him with a little shindig at our place. S had a bunch of crafty ideas to personalize his party with so here are a few of the things we did.  Moustache straws for sipping our drinks. A's cute face for our disguises. My favorite part of this was separating the M&Ms. Yum!  A manly bar. I missed the pictures of the beer tub and the signage for it which looked great. The table setting before we added the cake. The bottles on … [Read more...]

cheers! a simple engagement present

Engagements are a time to celebrate. Our good friends, I and M, are newly engaged so I decided to dress up a little bottle of champagne for the occasion. Standard bottles of bubbly are pretty but I wanted to personalize the gift.  I'm not a fan of gold and had some silver stickers to use so silver spray paint was in order. I taped up the edge of the label and covered the bottom of the bottle with a plastic bag.I was not the neatest with my tape work around the edge so I had some paint seeping … [Read more...]

paper wine charms

Wandering around Michael's I found packages of these earring hoops and realized they look just like the ones used for charms I once had for my wine glasses. You know, the ones that everyone gave as housewarming gifts years ago with little beads on them. I was never a fan of the look but I used them because admittedly, wine glasses are hard to keep track of when you've been drinking ;) Problem solved - I could make ones that would be more our style. Paper would be the easiest option since I have … [Read more...]