pet crafts – diy midcentury pet bed

DIY MidCentury Pet Bed - Directions Not Included

While I do admit that most of my 2013 goals and Pinterest resolutions were a bust, I did finish one. Well, at least part of one. I've been plotting making a piece for the house with hair pin legs since I found I bought some forever ago and they sat there┬átaunting me. What better way to put them to use than a DIY midcentury pet bed for those ratty, I mean stylish, little mutts of mine. Sadly, I lost the memory card that had the photos while I put this together but it was … [Read more...]

pet crafts – diy cat scratching post

Cone Cat Scratcher

And with this post, I'm announcing I'm back. I will not make grand plans of multiple posts a week but my resolution to myself this year is to blog at least semi-regularly. It helps that this year we plan to tackle much of the pending renovations in the house so that should help with content ;) In the meantime, I have been crafting so I'll start sharing those. Part of the remodel includes new sofas in the family room. In an attempt to keep the cats away from those when they arrive, I made a DIY … [Read more...]

bloggy olympics outdoor event – simple diy planter

Happy weekend everyone! I'm thankful I made it to Saturday with enough energy to have some fun this weekend. We had a crazy storm on Wednesday morning which knocked out our power before 5am. It felt like a test run hurricane so I'm glad we started prepping the house recently for the season. At least the power was back on by the time I came home from work. I've been looking forward to today for awhile. It is time to kick off the final week of the Bloggy Olympics! This week is all about the … [Read more...]