keeping clean with pets – how to have a clean home with smelly animals

So as many of you know, we are that crazy family with 5 animals. Most "normal" people think we are insane and think our house must have an unbelievable stinky animal smell to it. In reality, if they were not barking (or meowing) like the unruly creatures that they are, most days, you couldn't tell we had pets. I say most days because animal hair if not vacuumed every day, multiplies in my house. And there are those days that I have no energy to vacuum so the hair stays BUT the smell is not … [Read more...]

weekend review in pictures

Happy Monday! And yes it is indeed a happy one because I'm off today and plan to keep myself entertained with thrifting, crafting and some fun. We had a busy weekend so here is quick recap in photos. From top left, down, here are the highlights from our weekend. I spy avocados in our yard. DIY simple planter on display. A Midcentury dresser has been found. Wine and lots of it. Herringbone fun at Target. Dogs are the best. And so are cats. Doggy pushpins are a … [Read more...]

good thoughts for a fellow blogger – newlyweds on a budget

I'm coming right out to the point of this post - a fellow blogger and great bloggy friend of mine needs our help. Kari from Newlyweds on a Budget was hit by a car on Saturday while running. It was a hit and run and thankfully the drunk jerk ( I can't post the exact obscenities I'm using to describe him in my mind) who hit her was caught. She is going to make it but it will be an uphill battle. She has a broken femur, collar bone, elbow, knee and a fractured pelvis. All I ask is that you keep … [Read more...]

haven withdrawal

I don’t do well with crowds. I’m not a girl who has a ton of girl friends. And while talkative, I’m usually pretty shy. I was pretty nervous - okay more like seriously nervous - about attending Haven for all those reasons. I’m really glad that I went out of my comfort zone and was fortunate enough to have a chance to attend. I had an amazing time. A really, really amazing time. I was lazy with my camera and it never made it out of my bag so all I have are iPhone photos. Bad blogger! I was … [Read more...]

haven time!!

I’m back…again. So sorry. Please don’t hate me for my hiatus. I have a good reason to be back and finally will be back for good – I’m in Atlanta for the Haven Conference! When I bought my ticket last year it felt it would take forever for the conference to roll around and now it I finally time! I flew in to Atlanta this morning on a very bumpy flight. Can I say how thankful I am that you can buy alcohol on flights? After an easy trip on the MARTA I'm settled in to my room for the … [Read more...]