a little list – 2014 goals


Yeah, so making grand Pinterest resolutions and house goals in 2013 did very little to keep me on track last year. Slacker. I admit it. Last year was pretty freaking busy and I just never managed to get anything of note crossed off those lists. We did finish a ton of other random house projects, and our respective jobs kept us busy as can be. Enough excuses though, because this year, we are making a list and crossing things off. Have I ever told you that I write things down on my to-do lists … [Read more...]

2013 had its perks – top pins from 2013


I was the biggest slacker in 2013. No blogging. House projects all over the place. Crafting was not really consistent. I did blog a bit, and had some great pins. Some from 2013 and some from before, but surprisingly there was quite a bit on traction on Pinterest.  So here are my top pins from 2013. DIY Honey Wedding Favors - Everyone loves honey and weddings it seems.                 DIY Hangover Kit - My followers are … [Read more...]

crafty for a cause – crafty envelopes and a call for donations


Cancer sucks. I know none of you will disagree with me on that. I lost my dear friend, Patti, to ovarian cancer 3 years ago this summer. I have friends with a little boy fighting bone cancer now. I have a girlfriend who lost her husband (and father to her little boy) to lymphoma a few years ago. I have a coworker who has lymphoma, and one of my employee's mom just received a bone marrow transplant to help her fight with leukemia. Cancer just sucks. For these people in my life, the many others … [Read more...]

remodeling the blog!


I finally decided to give the blog an upgrade to Wordpress yesterday. Everything seems to have worked perfectly fine in terms of my post, feed, followers, etc. In my excitement to transfer over, I didn't quite finalize my design. So just pretend it looks pretty while I fix it. I had every intention of finalizing it yesterday but instead I was showing a good friend and her husband around Miami and indulging in one very large mojito.   Hope you had a good weekend! Hopefully I'll … [Read more...]

why I blog – and why I’ve been lost around these parts

Well hello there! I know I've tried to promise a few times that once I got settled in the new job, I would get back to my five-day-a-week posting cycle. The truth is, I just don't have time. I love my new job. I love my furry family (husband included). Because of all the commitments that come with that, my hours are limited. I've toyed with the idea of leaving blogging all together but the real reason I stay, is because I like sharing what I do. I blog because I like to create. Do I like it … [Read more...]