the messiest painter

I am by far the messiest painter ever. At least I get the job done! The rooms I painted look great but the paper we used to cover the floors are a mess in most areas...including foot prints from when I stepped in the paint tray and big blobs from knocking over paint cans.While I've only painted half the house, the difference is huge...everything looks so much cleaner and crisper. I promise we'll start taking better pictures.Craft Room/OfficeGuestroomsHallway with new light fixture too!Living … [Read more...]

keeping myself entertained

I kept myself entertained and out of the way during the demolition derby by removing all the ancient curtains and rods. Some of the curtains must have been originally white but had a horrible gray/yellow color from all the years of not cleaning. What a great feeling to get those down and out of the house. They were so gross. I also removed all the wall plates for the electrical outlets and light switches so we could get ready to prime and paint.┬áMy little DIY project to keep me occupied and … [Read more...]

we have a kitchen…

...well, we have a kitchen in boxes. At least it is a start! We woke up early on the first day of the new year and headed to IKEA hoping to beat the rush. It turned out to be a great move because the place was deserted and we were helped immediately. We finalized our plans with the help of a great employee and placed our order. Luckily, everything was in stock so after sorting through the self-service area I went to pick up part of our order while the hubby packed up the car. We underestimated … [Read more...]