something old, something new

As I've mentioned before, we are moving some of our furniture and then buying some new pieces and accessories since a lot of our current furniture are really just transitional pieces we acquired over the years. Since I won't be able to be in the house much during the week while the installers are there, I'm taking advantage and doing a little shopping. Currently on the list to be purchased this week...New duvet cover & pillow shams for the master bedroom from west elm. The bedroom will be … [Read more...]

budget? what budget?

So you know how we intended to have all of our existing hardwoods refinished and some new ones installed in just some areas? We just had to throw that idea out the window and all of our existing floors with it. We knew our floors were damaged and that more of the damage would be apparent when the sanding started but we didn't expect it to be a total loss. Termites eat wood from the bottom and sideways so the top sometimes looks better than the full board. Here is what we were working with … [Read more...]

pitter patter of little feet

Not baby feet....furry, little animal feet! The sound of little dog and cat paws running around hardwoods is music to my ears. We got really lucky that half the house had original red oak solid plank floors. Most of it was actually covered with ancient, nasty looking (and smelling!), orange carpet. The floors were stained in a beautiful dark chestnut brown but badly damaged from termites in certain areas. One of the guestrooms was so bad it had to be completely ripped out. We are having the … [Read more...]

surprises in every corner

There is never a dull moment when you start renovating a home built in 1953 that has had little, if any, updating since that year. Design styles were quite interesting in Florida during that time and I question the sanity of the people who designed and decorated this property. Exhibit A -  There is a planter with a waterfall in our family room. Yes, you read that correctly. That brown hole in the corner is a planter full of dirt and mulch about two to three feet deep. Those little protruding … [Read more...]

girst home delivery

We got our appliances yesterday! We get a great discount directly from Whirlpool through my company so we took advantage and bought these beauties:The delivery might be a bit premature since our kitchen currently looks like this but apparently I was being a bit optimistic when I set the delivery date.We are making progress though! The kitchen is definitely an improvement over this:The new appliances are now nestled in their boxes and plastic wrap in the corner of the family room where they will … [Read more...]

tomething old, something new

One of the perks of moving to a house more than double the size of the one we currently live in is buying new furniture. Here are some of the items that are currently on my wish list:Wrap Office Chair - West Elm  Tulip Chair - West Elm Framed Side Table - West Elm= Flex Gravel Sofa - CB2  We are bringing some pieces from our current place as they currently are, refinishing some wood furniture pieces (pictures to come!) and will be spending some time thrifting looking for some mid-century … [Read more...]