etsy crushes

Etsy is weakness of mine. So much to love and not enough money or space for it all. My current crushes:jeramiahcollection - Simple and stunning handmade furniture from a small San Francisco shop. I wish I had the budget for this credenza for our bar/dining area. Via SKTCeramics -  My best friend gave me a necklace for Christmas from this shop. I love the simple lines and the feel of the porcelaine.  Via BethSatterlee - A fabulous illustrator and fine artist with a great hand. She does … [Read more...]

working 9 to 5 – craft room

I work full time in a demanding corporate job and also decided to take the plunge and start an MBA program last summer. Having a dedicated and organized space for all the work and school stuff going on was a top priority. I also love crafting so having a full room for all of this is a huge treat. Somehow I managed to convince the hubby that the first room is the house that had to be 90% done would be the office/craft room. Yes, even before the kitchen...I have my priorities straight ;)Our story … [Read more...]

we’ve moved!

I'm sorry it took so long but I have pictures for your patience! So obviously the house is still completely upside down and I can't believe I'm actually posting these for the world to see.  You know what though? All of us who have moved know what your house/apartment looks like for the first few weeks after a move so I'm embracing the mess. Please note, I'm OCD in my cleaning tendencies so this is a huge step for me! Most everything you see in the photos is not in the place it will eventually … [Read more...]

bye, bye litterbox

I've never been so excited to pour cement. Well, I actually did not pour any of it since each bag of cement weighs 80lbs and it took 16 bags to fill this sucker up. I'm a good supervisor though :)So thankful not to have a giant random planter and waterfall in my family room!  In other great news, we moved in this weekend! Once I locate the camera cable you'll get to see what the place currently looks like in all of its messy, middle of renovation glory. Thanks for following Directions Not … [Read more...]


One of the selling points of our house was this expansive family room that runs along the side of our house. It is a great space and one we could envision entertaining in all the time. It has a beautiful exposed wood beam ceiling that we love and a litterbox in the corner that we hate.  The previous owners clearly had a strange decorating style and loved ceiling tiles. And I do mean, loved. They had tiles covering the wood beam ceiling in the family room, in the hall bathroom, the kitchen, the … [Read more...]

leveling the playing field

We figured out that the back area of our house was an addition in the late 60s. In the original floor plan, the transition space between the dining room and the family room, or the bar as we call it, must have been the laundry room. The family room was actually a covered patio and our master bedroom was originally the garage. The studio,master closet and bathroom were added during the time when they closed in the patio to make it our family room. This addition left us with a few random steps in … [Read more...]