a handmade holiday – handmade gift ideas

Money isn't flowing. I'm sure we can all agree on that. It makes it hard when you want to shower every special person in your life with a little something during the holidays. The past handful of years, I've been making more and more of our gifts. This year is much of the same. These are my inspirations for this year. I better get started or I'll be making stuff on Christmas Eve at the rate I'm going!Soy candles.ViaCranberry and orange infused vodka.ViaBaby blankets.ViaPeanut butter dog treats … [Read more...]

the unbecoming of mara dyer

I'm so excited to share this with you. My good friend Michelle Hodkin has her first book being released on Tuesday, September 27th - The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. I strongly encourage you to run out there and get the book. I can't wait to devour it in a few hours on Tuesday night after I attend the launch party. And I'm not just saying this because I have two namesakes in the book ;) What I've read has guaranteed me that I'll have to drop everything and read it cover to cover when I get in on … [Read more...]

paint sprayer happiness!

I am so seriously excited this morning! I don't enter many giveaways but I'm so glad I entered the last one on My Repurposed Life. Thanks to My Repurposed Life and Wagner, I am the proud new owner of this baby! My very own Power Plus Paint Sprayer! Want a hint at what we will be tackling with this? All the brick in our life needs a shiny coat of paint and I am so thankful we won't be doing it with a brush. I'll be sharing my before and after post with many pictures … [Read more...]

bath crashers – please come crash my baths!

Have you ever seen the show Bath Crashers on the DIY Network? Matt Muenster picks up unsuspecting customers at big home improvement stores then renovates their whole bathroom. He creates dream worthy spaces from otherwise ugly and outdated bathrooms. I'm insanely jealous of all those who get his bathrooms. I fantasize that this will happen to me. Seriously. I walk aimlessly around Home Depot in hope that one day I'll see him and can sweet talk him into coming to our house. Most of the people on … [Read more...]

and then there were five!

Don't get excited, I'm not pregnant. We just adopted another cat. Yes, we know we are crazy. Yes, we are now a family of seven - two humans, three mutts and two cats. Five animals! We just couldn't resist. What can I say...we have big hearts and are suckers for animals in need.Meet Lemur. Our new 5-month old baby. She was a feral rescued by my best friend, S, as a little one and is now properly vaccinated, spayed and accustomed to the good life of living indoors. We have a soft spot for all of … [Read more...]

remembering a smile

Today marks one year that we lost a beautiful smile and a dear friend to ovarian cancer. Patti's smile was contagious and she truly made an undeniable mark on my life and on the lives of all those who were blessed to know her. She helped me learn to take a step back and re-evaluate my life and for that I am forever grateful. I'm a better person because of her.Your smile shines on. We love you and miss you always. Thanks for following Directions Not Included! … [Read more...]