feeling domesticated

When she was alive my maternal grandmother used to tell me I wasn't marriage material. I didn't know how to cook and I didn't sew. She was sure no man wanted me. I rebelled against that for many years because...well, I'm the workaholic business-type not the sewing and cooking type. The thing is in reality I am both. I have the big corporate job for a global company and I'm working on my MBA but I am a pretty damn good cook and just learned how to sew. Maybe I am more domesticated than I thought … [Read more...]

pass the coasters – tile coaster tutorial

I've had a stack of plain paper coasters I bought to decorate with a paper Mod Podge technique for awhile. I thought they would be easy to have on hand when we have big groups of people over and really simple to store. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest with tiles I thought it would be a great idea for more permanent coasters.¬†4 x 4 white tiles from Home Depot were 16 cents a piece making this a super inexpensive project to tackle. Paint brush, Mod Podge, paper of my choice and a blade. I … [Read more...]

stars and stripes

One of my friends fell in love with this Fourth of July wreath and was inspired to make one for the upcoming holiday. She thinks she is not crafty and asked me to help her make it. I said sure, let's try it! That was until I realized how many stars I needed to cut out to make this wreath. I love her but not that much.¬†Tutorial to this beautiful wreathAs I thought up of alternatives, I found inspiration from my last wreath and decided a yarn wreath would be a good solution. Instead of trying to … [Read more...]

wrapping it all up

I hate gift bags. Yes, I use them in a pinch especially around the holidays but I much rather wrap a gift with some nice wrapping paper or try and do something a tad more creative (bonus if it is useful) in terms or containing the gift. Target carries these sand pails and I've used them a few times for baby/kid gifts. They come in a variety of colors to work with all sorts of themes. This latest one was for a dear friend who just welcomed her third bundle of joy.First you start with your stash … [Read more...]