etsy crushes

Etsy is weakness of mine. So much to love and not enough money or space for it all. My current crushes:jeramiahcollection - Simple and stunning handmade furniture from a small San Francisco shop. I wish I had the budget for this credenza for our bar/dining area. Via SKTCeramics -  My best friend gave me a necklace for Christmas from this shop. I love the simple lines and the feel of the porcelaine.  Via BethSatterlee - A fabulous illustrator and fine artist with a great hand. She does … [Read more...]

something old, something new

As I've mentioned before, we are moving some of our furniture and then buying some new pieces and accessories since a lot of our current furniture are really just transitional pieces we acquired over the years. Since I won't be able to be in the house much during the week while the installers are there, I'm taking advantage and doing a little shopping. Currently on the list to be purchased this week...New duvet cover & pillow shams for the master bedroom from west elm. The bedroom will be … [Read more...]

music to my ears

My hubby knows I'm handy and can hold my own for most DIY projects but he shudders at the thought of me touching any electrical project. I've never done anything that would cause this concern so I just assume he's being an overprotective husband. Boys. I took advantage that he was preoccupied to tackle the doorbell and thermostat for the air conditioner. Minor electrical components but extremely easy to do if you follow the directions. These were things he has been putting off for weeks and I … [Read more...]

surprises in every corner

There is never a dull moment when you start renovating a home built in 1953 that has had little, if any, updating since that year. Design styles were quite interesting in Florida during that time and I question the sanity of the people who designed and decorated this property. Exhibit A -  There is a planter with a waterfall in our family room. Yes, you read that correctly. That brown hole in the corner is a planter full of dirt and mulch about two to three feet deep. Those little protruding … [Read more...]

tomething old, something new

One of the perks of moving to a house more than double the size of the one we currently live in is buying new furniture. Here are some of the items that are currently on my wish list:Wrap Office Chair - West Elm  Tulip Chair - West Elm Framed Side Table - West Elm= Flex Gravel Sofa - CB2  We are bringing some pieces from our current place as they currently are, refinishing some wood furniture pieces (pictures to come!) and will be spending some time thrifting looking for some mid-century … [Read more...]

keeping myself entertained

I kept myself entertained and out of the way during the demolition derby by removing all the ancient curtains and rods. Some of the curtains must have been originally white but had a horrible gray/yellow color from all the years of not cleaning. What a great feeling to get those down and out of the house. They were so gross. I also removed all the wall plates for the electrical outlets and light switches so we could get ready to prime and paint. My little DIY project to keep me occupied and … [Read more...]