this is halloween – sparkly skulls

I'm not sure what it is with my cats but apparently all the Halloween stash items are considered perfectly acceptable toys. This time it was Annie, my eleven year old pirate cat, who is turning into a kitten again since we introduced Lemur. I've seen some Martha Stewart kits for glittered skulls. I didn't look at great detail of what they contained but I had picked up these plastic skulls in a bag for under a dollar awhile back. Last year I scored some Martha Stewart Halloween glitter on super … [Read more...]

this is halloween – pearly pumpkins

I'm pretty sure if we do a Halloween party, I'll do my usual food table and then a candy table. Not sure anyone will really consume that much candy but I've always wanted one. Let's be honest, I just want an excuse to buy a bunch of candy. Yum :) I thought about decorating the tables with some pumpkins and skulls. First up, the pumpkins. Not really cute but they were super cheap!In comes spray paint - the cure for all things ugly. There is a problem with spray painting small things. Have you … [Read more...]

this is halloween – tile coasters

When I was making my first set of paper decorated tile coasters, I knew I was going to make sets for the holidays. They are a quick way to add a little holiday decor to your home.  White square tiles are only 16 cents a piece at my local Home Depot. Couple that with some decorative paper, felt for the bottoms and Mod Podge and you have another cheap craft to try.I picked out a few different papers from my Halloween stash to use for a set of six coasters. I cut them down to size using a ruler and … [Read more...]

this is halloween – halloween stash

Halloween has officially hit the stores. I've been dreaming of Halloween for weeks already, so now I'm even more excited that I get to indulge in it every time I go out. I may have already spotted some Christmas decor out as well but I'm not going to think about that yet. Why can't the stores stick to one holiday at a time?Our new neighborhood actually has kids in it and is a well-known area for trick-or-treating. We lived in our old house for 8 years and had maybe 5 trick-or-treaters. Yes, I … [Read more...]

this is halloween

Is it too early for Halloween ideas? I hope not because I am already planning. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Love it. I've been threatening the hubby for years that once we had a big enough house, holiday decorating would be a big deal for me. I think he thought I was joking until I came home with more Halloween ribbon...last week. I told you I had a ribbon problem.I'm working on him to host a big Halloween party. If we get good traction on our second phase of renovations by the beginning of … [Read more...]