wedding coordinator extraordinaire – a romantic vintage wedding


Did I ever tell you about the time I coordinated a vintage wedding for my dear friend Ivelis? Probably not because I just recuperated. And the wedding was in November ;) Ivelis and her husband Manny are some of our closest friends. Their little one Alexander is a nephew to me. I threw his baby shower years ago, threw Ivelis' bridal shower recently, and she uses me as her party planner for just about everything. At some point, I thought it was wise to offer myself as her wedding planner too. I … [Read more...]

ahoy there mateys – oirate themed party cupcake toppers


Can you imagine trying to throw a pirate themed party for a 5-year-old the week between Christmas and New Years? We have friends who have a little one born on Christmas Day and that is exactly what they did. Given the holiday insanity, mom was running behind on decorations so I offered to make some quick things to pull the theme together. Unfortunately, the day of the party the wind was so strong we couldn't actually display anything without it all ending up flying into the ocean. I apologize … [Read more...]

this is halloween – diy skeleton wreath


Last year I made a cute bat wreath that I was fully intending on using this year until I came across some mini-skeletons on sale at Michaels. The wheels in my head started spinning and I decided to take the plunge on new skeleton wreath. I'm really digging skeletons this year. I may have bought quite a few this year. I bought a cheap grapevine wreath and spray painted it black with some satin spray paint I had on hand. I used some black yarn to attach the skeletons to the wreath once it … [Read more...]

this is halloween – DIY wooden halloween signs


Leave it to Halloween to get me back on the blog - it is my favorite holiday after all! I have a ton of decorations I made last year, but this year I wanted to take it up a notch. The house has been decorated since September 29th. The hubby is sure they neighbors think we are insane but I want to get the most out of my decorations. I decided to add some DIY wooden Halloween signs to the interior decor this year. I bought some cheap wooden signs forms from Michaels on sale earlier this year … [Read more...]

hosting showers can be fun – romantic bridal shower decor


We'll just pretend I'm posting these right after the romantic bridal shower I threw a few weekends ago. My dear friend Ivelis, is tying the knot in early November. I love throwing her showers (did her baby shower a few years ago - yes, a bit backwards but it is all good) and she loves the details. The key to hosting showers is to plan ahead. I started in late July making things here and there until I was done with the decor a week or so in advance. So here is it is.... When you walked into … [Read more...]

mother’s fay brunch – brunch decorations

Hi! Remember me? I hope so. It has been a whirlwind month in a good sense but it left me with little free time. Now that I'm getting settled in at the new job, I'll be posting on a more regular least that is my intention ;) I will also be spending the next week catching up on a month's full of posts I've missed. I have so much to read! For all the moms, aunts, godmothers, grandmothers of human and furry kids alike - Happy Mother's Day! We hosted brunch at our place for our moms, … [Read more...]