dollar bin

Target is a dangerous place for me. I should not be allowed in the store without supervision and I really should not be allowed in with either of my two best friends. X and S are bad influences and we just act as enablers. Last night, S and wandered the aisles of Target while waiting for our takeout for our girls' night in. I found these little aqua greek key treasures in the dollar bin. Perfect score for organizing small items for the office/craft room. I can't help browsing the dollar bins for … [Read more...]

what happened to spring?

I admit, living in South Florida I’m quite spoiled in terms of weather.  I landed in Chicago yesterday and will be here most of the week on business. It is in the 30s in March. I thought it was spring?! I’m not prepared for this. Thankfully, I own a wool coat and boots but the rest of my wardrobe is seriously lacking for this weather. I will be locked up in a conference room most of the time in the Aon Center where our corporate office is so I should stay pretty warm. At least it is a great … [Read more...]

wrapping it all up

I hate gift bags. Yes, I use them in a pinch especially around the holidays but I much rather wrap a gift with some nice wrapping paper or try and do something a tad more creative (bonus if it is useful) in terms or containing the gift. Target carries these sand pails and I've used them a few times for baby/kid gifts. They come in a variety of colors to work with all sorts of themes. This latest one was for a dear friend who just welcomed her third bundle of joy.First you start with your stash … [Read more...]

stamping away

Way before we closed I started browsing ideas for the moving announcements I was going to send out. I knew despite the fact that I make invitations and cards it would be best to just order some since we would be busy with renovations. I browsed Tiny Prints and Etsy and while I found quite a few that I liked, nothing really won me over. Etsy is a very, very dangerous place to spend time in. So many distractions and so many things to stick in my cart :) While on one of my daily Etsy day dreaming … [Read more...]