the little things

Sometimes life gets too crazy for the big projects around the house that are left to be done and I can't commit the time to work on a full scale craft projects. When that happens, I try to keep busy with the little things. It makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing something even if I only have 5 minutes here and there. Last week was finals weeks for me in grad school so everything else took a back seat. When I needed a sanity break from studying I worked on a few of these to keep me … [Read more...]

stars and stripes

One of my friends fell in love with this Fourth of July wreath and was inspired to make one for the upcoming holiday. She thinks she is not crafty and asked me to help her make it. I said sure, let's try it! That was until I realized how many stars I needed to cut out to make this wreath. I love her but not that much.¬†Tutorial to this beautiful wreathAs I thought up of alternatives, I found inspiration from my last wreath and decided a yarn wreath would be a good solution. Instead of trying to … [Read more...]

all you need is love

I'm a huge Beatles fan and fell instantly in love with this image when I saw it on Pinterest a few weeks ago. What a simple way to honor one of my favorite bands and a great song. After a bit of research and a little shopping trip for some supplies I devised a way to make my own version.¬†Unfortunately the image was not linked to the original source.My supply list included a small canvas, computer print out, acrylic gel medium and a variety of acrylic paint colors.¬† I painted the canvas a solid … [Read more...]

crafty time

Crafty time project overload. That addicting little thing called Pinterest, is filling my brain with all sorts of wonderful crafty ideas I want to do. Problem is I can't seem to find the time to do them all. I end up making weekly daydreaming stops at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels' to stock up but I haven't managed to finish anything. Just a glimpse of what I have in process...Pillow cases. Many pillow cases. All my pillow inserts have been sitting on the sofas throughout the house naked since … [Read more...]

spring craft room cleaning

I guess it really should be summer cleaning since it is in the 90s out. Whatever the case, the time to get organized has arrived. I've admitted I might have a slight problem with Target and various craft stores. Due to my shopping habit the craft room closet was looking a little shabby with all my recent purchases. I have all this wonderful space to store things and had great intentions to keep everything perfectly organized true to my OCD tendencies. As is the case when there are too many … [Read more...]