diy ikea chalkboard table – ikea hack

We only have furry kids but I am surrounded by a bunch of little ones thanks to all my friends. Most of them call me Tia - which is Spanish for Aunt -  so I try to keep up with the proper Auntie behavior and spoil them rotten. I have always wanted to pick up the Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint but had no idea what I would make to justify the purchase. In comes the IKEA Lack Side Table and a reason to finally buy the paint. IKEA hacks are great because you can take a relatively inexpensive … [Read more...]

feeling domesticated

When she was alive my maternal grandmother used to tell me I wasn't marriage material. I didn't know how to cook and I didn't sew. She was sure no man wanted me. I rebelled against that for many years because...well, I'm the workaholic business-type not the sewing and cooking type. The thing is in reality I am both. I have the big corporate job for a global company and I'm working on my MBA but I am a pretty damn good cook and just learned how to sew. Maybe I am more domesticated than I thought … [Read more...]

until the end. harry potter

I'm going to admit my geekiness here. I'm a Harry Potter fan. A new fan. I can't say I've been following the book or movies since the beginning. On the contrary, I made fun of my best friend, S, on her Harry Potter addiction. We went to happy hour on the night of the midnight release of movie number 7 and I waited with her for a bit in line at the movie theater. All I could do was laugh at the people dressed up waiting for the movie and laugh at her for her Gryffindor tie. Seriously? It is a … [Read more...]

pass the coasters – tile coaster tutorial

I've had a stack of plain paper coasters I bought to decorate with a paper Mod Podge technique for awhile. I thought they would be easy to have on hand when we have big groups of people over and really simple to store. When I saw this tutorial on Pinterest with tiles I thought it would be a great idea for more permanent coasters. 4 x 4 white tiles from Home Depot were 16 cents a piece making this a super inexpensive project to tackle. Paint brush, Mod Podge, paper of my choice and a blade. I … [Read more...]

paper wine charms

Wandering around Michael's I found packages of these earring hoops and realized they look just like the ones used for charms I once had for my wine glasses. You know, the ones that everyone gave as housewarming gifts years ago with little beads on them. I was never a fan of the look but I used them because admittedly, wine glasses are hard to keep track of when you've been drinking ;) Problem solved - I could make ones that would be more our style. Paper would be the easiest option since I have … [Read more...]

brought to you by the letter m

Pinterest is causing my list of projects to get longer and longer each day. I wouldn't have it any other way is lots of fun. I pinned this image awhile back and decided to tackle it this weekend. The great thing about Pinterest is the ability to go back to the original source of the link, in this case, I'll Get You My Pretties.Original Tutorial - From My PrettiesI raided the hubby's tool box and lucky for him, there wasn't a wide selection of washers.  I picked up a few packs of … [Read more...]