2013 had its perks – top pins from 2013


I was the biggest slacker in 2013. No blogging. House projects all over the place. Crafting was not really consistent. I did blog a bit, and had some great pins. Some from 2013 and some from before, but surprisingly there was quite a bit on traction on Pinterest.  So here are my top pins from 2013. DIY Honey Wedding Favors - Everyone loves honey and weddings it seems.                 DIY Hangover Kit - My followers are … [Read more...]

pet crafts – diy cat scratching post

Cone Cat Scratcher

And with this post, I'm announcing I'm back. I will not make grand plans of multiple posts a week but my resolution to myself this year is to blog at least semi-regularly. It helps that this year we plan to tackle much of the pending renovations in the house so that should help with content ;) In the meantime, I have been crafting so I'll start sharing those. Part of the remodel includes new sofas in the family room. In an attempt to keep the cats away from those when they arrive, I made a DIY … [Read more...]

a sweet treat – honey wedding favors – UPDATED

Honey Wedding Favors

Hey there! Sorry for the lack of posts but the month of March has flown by! Partly because of work and partly because I was helping one of my best friends with her wedding. I'm so excited to share the honey wedding favors I put together for her. We had a girls night sleepover shortly after she started planning the wedding. Lots of wine and Pinterest time led to deciding on honey wedding favors. Orange blossom honey to be exact. All to pull together a loosely themed orange wedding. I love the … [Read more...]

bachelorette weekend favors – diy hangover kit


Since I know we are going to get our drink on this weekend in NYC to keep ourselves warm (at least that will be my excuse!), I put together these DIY hangover kits for the girls. My bestie that was married last month had them for her out of town guests. I thought it would be a fun addition to my bachelorette weekend favors. I purchased these little muslin bags on Amazon for cheap. There are tons of places you can get muslin bags in bulk from but Amazon was fast and easy. I used a simple … [Read more...]

bachelorette party favors – weekend welcome bag


Next month one my besties is tying the knot here in Miami. For her bachelorette party this weekend, we settled on New York since she lived there for years, many of the girls are still local, and it always is a good time. A few of us are not local so we are flying in and staying in a hotel together for the weekend. What better excuse to get adorable weekend welcome bags together as  part of the bachelorette party favors. I pulled together some cute (and inexpensive) girly items for our … [Read more...]

crafty for a cause – crafty envelopes and a call for donations


Cancer sucks. I know none of you will disagree with me on that. I lost my dear friend, Patti, to ovarian cancer 3 years ago this summer. I have friends with a little boy fighting bone cancer now. I have a girlfriend who lost her husband (and father to her little boy) to lymphoma a few years ago. I have a coworker who has lymphoma, and one of my employee's mom just received a bone marrow transplant to help her fight with leukemia. Cancer just sucks. For these people in my life, the many others … [Read more...]