cheesy heart paper chain – a valentine’s day craft


I'm a Valentine's Day baby. Being born on the 14th gives me a certain aversion to all things pink and heart related. I can't help it. I don't really decorate the house for Valentine's Day because of that. My office is big on decorating for the holidays. We had some major decorations for Halloween and the winter holidays this year. I had to chip in and make a Valentine's Day craft, even if it is not my favorite because I can't give up an opportunity to make decorations for something. These … [Read more...]

wedding coordinator extraordinaire – a romantic vintage wedding


Did I ever tell you about the time I coordinated a vintage wedding for my dear friend Ivelis? Probably not because I just recuperated. And the wedding was in November ;) Ivelis and her husband Manny are some of our closest friends. Their little one Alexander is a nephew to me. I threw his baby shower years ago, threw Ivelis' bridal shower recently, and she uses me as her party planner for just about everything. At some point, I thought it was wise to offer myself as her wedding planner too. I … [Read more...]

ahoy there mateys – oirate themed party cupcake toppers


Can you imagine trying to throw a pirate themed party for a 5-year-old the week between Christmas and New Years? We have friends who have a little one born on Christmas Day and that is exactly what they did. Given the holiday insanity, mom was running behind on decorations so I offered to make some quick things to pull the theme together. Unfortunately, the day of the party the wind was so strong we couldn't actually display anything without it all ending up flying into the ocean. I apologize … [Read more...]

pinterest additct – pinterest resolutions 2013


Happy New Year!! Last January I decided to give myself Pinterest resolutions. Maybe it was my way of justifying my pinning habit ;) but since I don't do real resolutions, I figured it would be fun. While I didn't tackle every resolution, I did make good progress so I'm planning the same for this year. It might just get me to have regular appearances around these parts again. For 2013, I'm recycling a few from last year and adding some more. Get more daring with my sewing skills on some … [Read more...]

cheers to you – easy office holiday gifts for guys – personalized beer mugs


I can't believe we are in December! Seriously, this year and all the craziness has gone by so fast! This is my first holiday season at the new job. Over the past few months, my team had hinted at holiday gifts that were shared last year. Here is the thing, I have a team of 3 who report to me but a whole bigger team of people I work with daily. They are all great people who deserve a little something as a thank you for everything they do. I would have felt strange bringing something for my team … [Read more...]

the perfect bridal shower favor – diy mason jar soy candles

Mason Jar Candles

Bridal shower favors (and baby shower favors) range from really cute to really tacky, from useful to useless. They definitely are not a necessity, but when the showers are small enough, they are nice-to-haves. That is only if they are along the lines of the really cute and useful type of favors. Or if they are edible ;) I think mason jar soy candles have topped my list for favors from now on. I've seen tons of instructions out there but I used my dear bloggy friend, Tiffany from Living … [Read more...]