pom pom fun – diy angre birds game


Happy, happy Friday!! I'm so glad it is here. I've had a busy week and it is only going to get crazier since I'm headed out to Denver all of next week for work. Want to know the good thing? I'm not really stressed. Yes, I'm busy as can be and stressed about doing a great job BUT I love what I'm doing and it doesn't stress me in a bad way. That's a good thing, right? On Monday, I shared part of the gift I made for my girlfriend's little one who is fighting a rare form of cancer. He's a huge … [Read more...]

pinterest resolutions – a mid-year update

Pinterest resolutions. Why am I talking about resolutions in July?! Because I just realized I'm majorly slacking on mine. I decided this year that I would do Pinterest resolutions¬†by rounding up some of my favorites pins and deciding to tackle one a month. Here is the image as a refresher. And here is where I currently stand... Canvas prints using gel medium and transparencies¬†- Fell off the radar completely. Make a piece of furniture with hairpin legs.¬†- Purchased the … [Read more...]

may the force be with you – star wards stencil shirt


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I will admit, I wish it was one day longer. My craft today uses the same freezer paper technique I've used a few times already but today's gift had a special purpose. A friend of mine has a little 5-year old who is fighting cancer. He was diagnosed in February with a stage 4 rare form of bone cancer. He is fighting hard and doing well after these first 5 months of treatments but he has a long road ahead of him. As part of a care package that I'm sending … [Read more...]

happy 4th of july -yarn wreath tutorial

Happy 4th of July!! What are you fun plans for the day? We are doing projects around the house then having a picnic with friends on a golf course by our place. They do a great fireworks display and it is a lot of fun. Since we are not hosting anything this year, I slacked on the holiday related crafts. I decided it would be good to share the yarn wreath tutorial I used for the wreath I made for a friend last year. f The supplies are simple enough - yarn, a wreath form and felt is all you … [Read more...]

pretty packaging – as easy as it gets

Hope you all had a good weekend! We kept it low key for the most part. Next weekend we get back into the swing of renovations. Everyone needs a break, right?! I hope so because since we hosted the baby shower in December we have slacked...even more so with all the changes in my life. I love giving gifts and I love the wrapping almost as much as the gifts themselves. We had a bunch of festivities this past weekend including a baptism and two three year birthdays so wrapping the gifts was a … [Read more...]

big & little t-shirts – personalized gifts for siblings

I mentioned last week that everyone seems to be having kids around me lately. To go with the baby blankets I have been making, I've also been working on using my freezer paper tutorial to personalize gifts for siblings. It is always hard to show up with a gift for the new little one and not bring something for the older sibling(s). These seem to be big hit with all the moms and are so easy to make. This set is for two of my favorite boys, Drew and Parker. Drew is 2 and Parker will be 3 months … [Read more...]