working 9 to 5 – craft room

I work full time in a demanding corporate job and also decided to take the plunge and start an MBA program last summer. Having a dedicated and organized space for all the work and school stuff going on was a top priority. I also love crafting so having a full room for all of this is a huge treat. Somehow I managed to convince the hubby that the first room is the house that had to be 90% done would be the office/craft room. Yes, even before the kitchen...I have my priorities straight ;)Our story … [Read more...]

we’ve moved!

I'm sorry it took so long but I have pictures for your patience! So obviously the house is still completely upside down and I can't believe I'm actually posting these for the world to see.  You know what though? All of us who have moved know what your house/apartment looks like for the first few weeks after a move so I'm embracing the mess. Please note, I'm OCD in my cleaning tendencies so this is a huge step for me! Most everything you see in the photos is not in the place it will eventually … [Read more...]

something old, something new

As I've mentioned before, we are moving some of our furniture and then buying some new pieces and accessories since a lot of our current furniture are really just transitional pieces we acquired over the years. Since I won't be able to be in the house much during the week while the installers are there, I'm taking advantage and doing a little shopping. Currently on the list to be purchased this week...New duvet cover & pillow shams for the master bedroom from west elm. The bedroom will be … [Read more...]

tomething old, something new

One of the perks of moving to a house more than double the size of the one we currently live in is buying new furniture. Here are some of the items that are currently on my wish list:Wrap Office Chair - West Elm  Tulip Chair - West Elm Framed Side Table - West Elm= Flex Gravel Sofa - CB2  We are bringing some pieces from our current place as they currently are, refinishing some wood furniture pieces (pictures to come!) and will be spending some time thrifting looking for some mid-century … [Read more...]