backyard progress

Summertime in South Florida equals BBQs with friends, enjoying a cold beverage in the yard when the sun and mosquitoes are not in full force. That's all lovely but there was no way that was going to happen in this house unless we took on the beast that was our yard. Let me take you back to when we first closed in late December of this past year. Our yard was looking pretty ragged. A trash pile would be the best description.  A dust bowl of dead, patchy grass and a whole mess of construction … [Read more...]

raining flowers – orchid tree

One of my favorite things in the house is this beautiful wild orchid tree in our front yard. The color is spectacular and my lawn is always sprinkled with these stunning flowers. It attracts hummingbirds too so I bought this hummingbird feeder from Target to see if I can catch some photos of them...hard as it might be. We are making great progress on the kitchen which I can't wait to share. Have a wonderful Wednesday!Thanks for following Directions Not Included! … [Read more...]

pet crafts: how to help build a patio

The mutts thought it would be helpful to give a tutorial for all those DIY pets out there. They were instrumental in helping us get the yard a little more presentable. Do your pets help out on your projects?  ***Step 1: Roll in the dirt bowl in the backyard every single day to ensure Mommy and Daddy understand that fixing up the yard should move up on the priority to-do list.   Step 2: Supervise the placement of each paver to make sure you approve the location and spacing. After all, your little … [Read more...]

music to my ears

My hubby knows I'm handy and can hold my own for most DIY projects but he shudders at the thought of me touching any electrical project. I've never done anything that would cause this concern so I just assume he's being an overprotective husband. Boys. I took advantage that he was preoccupied to tackle the doorbell and thermostat for the air conditioner. Minor electrical components but extremely easy to do if you follow the directions. These were things he has been putting off for weeks and I … [Read more...]