blue skies ahead – robin’s egg blue porch ceiling

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! We had lots of fun with good friends and managed to tackle a decent amount of house projects too, which to me equals a great weekend! No surprise that HGTV and DIY Network are probably my favorite channels so they are usually on in the background even if I'm not watching them. I think it was on House Hunters (or something like that) I heard that on certain islands Caribbean they paint porch ceilings shades of blue to ward away bad spirits. It got in my head … [Read more...]

downfalls of florida living – hurricane preparations

So while many of you might strongly dislike me during the winter months while I’m posting pictures of the sunny outdoor projects I’m working on, this is the time of year you are happy that you are not my neighbor - hurricane season is here! June 1st marked the arrival of my least favorite time of the year and we must deal with it through November 30th. Hurricanes have been a recurring theme with my relationship with Ray. We went on our first date in 2001 because my class had been cancelled … [Read more...]

a green home – climbing ivy

Since we cleared up the landscaping we decided we were not really fond of the starkness of the front of the house. The porch area with the turquoise door has some interesting elements and will hopefully look great once we figure out how to update the columns and put up the decorative shutters again. In contrast, the other side of the house just looks blah now.  And yes, this photo is right before we planted the oak trees. There is not much we can do besides adding a bunch of landscaping in … [Read more...]

you spent how much on trees? – planting oaks

As you may already know from previous posts, I am a plant killer. The hubby on the other hand actually has a green thumb and is slightly obsessed with trees…specifically oaks. I think he might like trees more than me some days. We cleared out much of the overgrown jungle in our house earlier this summer as we worked towards our new landscape plans. This is the somewhat blank slate we are starting with. We’ve been researching online and paying extra attention on our walks/drives through the … [Read more...]

painted exterior brick – from dark to light

A more appropriate title for this post would be "Painted exterior brick - Finally revealing after 6 months". 6 months to finally take pictures and write a post - can we say slacker?! We painted the entire exterior of our home back in December as we prepped for a huge baby shower and I finally get around to showing you guys. Last time I checked, it was June. I have plenty of excuses but let's just pretend that time is going by at lightening speed. Great, I'm glad you are on the same page. We … [Read more...]

planting an herb garden part 1 – the planning process

I'm so excited that we are finally getting to the point that we are planting things. It has been over a year in this house and all we have done is rip out plants. While it has been nice to get a clean slate to work with, we like plants and the hubby is really good at not killing not so much. We did a little trip to Home Depot and came home with a bunch of seeds to get started. We plan on getting these planted in little pots to get the seedlings started while we work on building our … [Read more...]