tackling a florida landscape part 2 – plant destruction

It has been a fun and messy time taking out our crazy landscaping to get the yard ready for new look. The hubby hurt his hand and since they are very important to him as an artist, we took a few weeks off and ended up hiring some help in pulling out the old plants.The yard is looking pretty bare right now so here is a glimpse at what we have to work with now. In this corner of the yard we pulled out a large tree that was not in a great place for our long term goals, which include a pool. We also … [Read more...]

a fresh start – tackling florida landscaping

When we bought this lovely little home, we inherited an insanely rundown property. As much as the hubby wanted to tackle the landscaping as soon as we had the keys in our hands, I made him wait. I wanted the inside of this crazy house in a mangeable state before he started doing work outside. We improved our backyard quite a bit but the front has been looking pretty cruddy. Now that hurricane season is approaching again, it is time to get the trees under control and plant new landscaping before … [Read more...]

death of a succulent

I should have known it wouldn't last. I killed a succulent. Aren't they supposed to be hearty little plants? The cute succulent garden I had growing in in the living room is no longer a lively  addition to our space.Instead, I'm faced with this pathetic sight. Rest in peace little plant. I'm sorry I failed you.I still think my track record is improving. Two out of three isn't so bad! They lasted about four months too. That has to be some sort of milestone...at least for me.I may get "the look" … [Read more...]

my next victims – succulent garden

I bought these little glass hanging planters/candle holders when we first bought the house and they've been sitting in storage since. On my last trip to Home Depot I picked up this assortment of succulents determined to put the glass holders to use. As I was walking towards the hubby in the store, plants in hand and all excited for what I was going to do with them, he says "You are going to kill more plants?" He has no faith in my ability to keep a plant alive. Thanks, babe. I know I do not have … [Read more...]

happy monday!

Happy Labor Day and Happy Monday Off! I'm back from San Francisco after an amazing week at Dreamforce, the annual user conference for Salesforce.com. I had a great time but I'm happy to be home. I'm even more excited to have an extra day to play before the work week starts. Mondays off are the best!It is absolutely beautiful outside today so I'm off to craft and maybe get some time in the yard. Here is the sunny view from my patio this morning. Have a great day everyone!Thanks for following … [Read more...]

garden time – diy orchid garden

I love orchids. They are among my favorite flowers and they do so well in Florida so we've collected quite a few. We had our orchids beautifully displayed in our old home but unfortunately, ever since we moved they’ve been sitting in the shade on a fold out table. Lovely set up, right? I should correct myself…they are my husband’s orchids. I kill them. I kill all plants. Plants don’t bark or meow to remind me to feed them. My furry kids are well taken care of, spoiled actually, but plants I’m … [Read more...]