may the force be with you – star wards stencil shirt


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I will admit, I wish it was one day longer. My craft today uses the same freezer paper technique I've used a few times already but today's gift had a special purpose. A friend of mine has a little 5-year old who is fighting cancer. He was diagnosed in February with a stage 4 rare form of bone cancer. He is fighting hard and doing well after these first 5 months of treatments but he has a long road ahead of him. As part of a care package that I'm sending … [Read more...]

big & little t-shirts – personalized gifts for siblings

I mentioned last week that everyone seems to be having kids around me lately. To go with the baby blankets I have been making, I've also been working on using my freezer paper tutorial to personalize gifts for siblings. It is always hard to show up with a gift for the new little one and not bring something for the older sibling(s). These seem to be big hit with all the moms and are so easy to make. This set is for two of my favorite boys, Drew and Parker. Drew is 2 and Parker will be 3 months … [Read more...]

personalizing a white t-shirt – freezer paper stencil

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Did anyone stay up late watching the Grammy's last night? I'm not one to watch award shows but I try not to miss the Grammy's. Especially with Sir Paul McCartney playing twice during the show and Adele sweeping the awards. Totally worth being a little exhausted this morning. Freezer paper stencils are now my "go-to" way to personalize a gift for the little ones in my life. One of our little loves turned a year old this weekend so I wanted to make her a … [Read more...]

valentine’s day – paper treat bags

Can I tell you the truth? I'm never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. Actually, I pretty much have hated it my entire life. Why? Because it is my birthday. I was not big on my birthday being forgotten as a child due to the hype of the holiday. And now as an adult, I hate not being able to go out to dinner on my actual birthday because of the crazy crowds and crappy service. I guess I'm getting softer as I age because looking at all the adorable crafts on Pinterest inspired me to make little … [Read more...]

freezer paper stencil tutorial – baby gift

I'm going to start this post off with an apology for my photos. I've been playing with freezer paper stencils since this weekend as my first project for my Pinterest Resolutions. I actually made quite a few this past weekend but forgot to finish taking pictures of them. I was so excited how they came out, I just wrapped them up and realized after I had gifted them that there were no photos! I made these late last in I'm writing this at 12:15 am. So these two special little … [Read more...]

kid approved – diy ikea chalkboard table

I think this present went over well. Alexander really seems to be enjoying his chalkboard table! The Lack side tables are definitely the perfect height for little ones. I can't wait to drop off the one for Drew this weekend..In case you missed it, my tutorial for making these inexpensive chalkboard tables is here: chalkboard tables.¬†Happy Friday!Thanks for following Directions Not Included! … [Read more...]