diy ikea chalkboard table – ikea hack

We only have furry kids but I am surrounded by a bunch of little ones thanks to all my friends. Most of them call me Tia - which is Spanish for Aunt -  so I try to keep up with the proper Auntie behavior and spoil them rotten. I have always wanted to pick up the Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint but had no idea what I would make to justify the purchase. In comes the IKEA Lack Side Table and a reason to finally buy the paint. IKEA hacks are great because you can take a relatively inexpensive … [Read more...]

until the end. harry potter

I'm going to admit my geekiness here. I'm a Harry Potter fan. A new fan. I can't say I've been following the book or movies since the beginning. On the contrary, I made fun of my best friend, S, on her Harry Potter addiction. We went to happy hour on the night of the midnight release of movie number 7 and I waited with her for a bit in line at the movie theater. All I could do was laugh at the people dressed up waiting for the movie and laugh at her for her Gryffindor tie. Seriously? It is a … [Read more...]

wrapping it all up

I hate gift bags. Yes, I use them in a pinch especially around the holidays but I much rather wrap a gift with some nice wrapping paper or try and do something a tad more creative (bonus if it is useful) in terms or containing the gift. Target carries these sand pails and I've used them a few times for baby/kid gifts. They come in a variety of colors to work with all sorts of themes. This latest one was for a dear friend who just welcomed her third bundle of joy.First you start with your stash … [Read more...]