changes on the horizon – rethinking the floor plan


Ever make it halfway through the insanity of renovation and then decide you want to change things up a bit? That is where I am right now. We bought the house in late 2010 and moved in 2011. I’m thankful we have taken a LONG time to finish this renovation. We haven’t even started with an addition, but I’m already ready to swap things around. Here is our current floor plan for reference. Please remember we live in the room called extra since our master is not even close to being finished.


We have major plans for that master and the overall addition, which will add to the studio, laundry room and backyard. So while I LOVE my craft room, I have a hard time working in it because of space. I might be spoiled, but what I end up doing is crafting in the family room on the floor, outside, or on the dining room table. I use the table for my initial sewing or Silhouette work but then move somewhere else. Just in case you are new here, Ray currently uses the guestroom as the photography studio. So here are my thoughts…

  • Craft room —> New guestroom. Attached to bathroom and a decent sized space.
  • Extra bedroom –> New craftroom. Extra large room, plenty of space for both of us and possibly a craft room island.
  • Guestroom –> Storage room/photography studio. This is where pottery sales and craft blogging will come to life.

Now to make this all happen, we need to move into the master bedroom ASAP. Anyone want to send extra $$ vibes to us so we can finish up the rest of the house?  I selfishly want a bigger craft room and somewhere we can both take pictures. These are still just dreams. Ray might think I’m crazy but we have the space and the rooms can be better planned out.

Have you ever wanted to switch things up after living in a space for awhile?


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  1. Cim Allen says

    What color is your craft room right now ? I clicked over to that , but it didn’t say. I really like the color .. thanks :) Happy renovating !

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