pet crafts – diy midcentury pet bed

DIY MidCentury Pet Bed - Directions Not Included

While I do admit that most of my 2013 goals and Pinterest resolutions were a bust, I did finish one. Well, at least part of one. I've been plotting making a piece for the house with hair pin legs since I found I bought some forever ago and they sat there taunting me. What better way to put them to use than a DIY midcentury pet bed for those ratty, I mean stylish, little mutts of mine. Sadly, I lost the memory card that had the photos while I put this together but it was … [Read more...]

midcentury dreaming – a thrift store score

Happy Monday! Sorry for the lack of posts last week but I had a fun-filled work week in Denver, which gave me no time for posting. I didn't even get a chance to meet Nikki from The Ambitious Procrastinator for drinks like we had planned. Here is a photo recap of what kept me busy in Denver last week. As you know, I'm usually a thrift store failure. I've been dreaming of a dresser or two to use in my family room for some time now. I actually found two. This this is the second one I found. … [Read more...]

valentine’s day – paper treat bags

Can I tell you the truth? I'm never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. Actually, I pretty much have hated it my entire life. Why? Because it is my birthday. I was not big on my birthday being forgotten as a child due to the hype of the holiday. And now as an adult, I hate not being able to go out to dinner on my actual birthday because of the crazy crowds and crappy service. I guess I'm getting softer as I age because looking at all the adorable crafts on Pinterest inspired me to make little … [Read more...]

thrift store failure – wishing for a dresser

I have been on the hunt for a midcentury dresser or media cabinet for months. I hunt Craigslist daily but I swear that ours is pathetic. Everything is over priced and junky. I've done a few rounds at thrift stores but sadly came up empty. I'm going to need to step it up a bit and look more. Our family room really needs a media cabinet to help anchor the space. It would also house our TV and the miscellaneous electronics that come with. I'm looking forward to drawers or doors to help control the … [Read more...]

ikea hack bar – a diy bar from ikea cabinets – the final reveal

We have progress folks! I gave a glimpse of what was going on in our bar last week. We used IKEA kitchen cabinets, the hanging wall kind, to create a custom floating bar. Our very own IKEA hack bar. This is where we made it to last weekend. Cabinets built and hanging and that is about it. It was a marked improvement over this but still needed some finishing touches. We went to the nice lumber yard in town and picked up some mahogany plywood. They have a great selection of wood in … [Read more...]

almost time for a drink – ikea hack bar

After my mini-meltdown at IKEA last Thursday night, I was dead set on making sure this project got off the ground this weekend. I did a solo trip to IKEA on a Sunday afternoon. I will never recommend that to anyone. Our IKEA is a good 30 - 45 minutes away, it was packed, the boxes were heavy and those carts are impossible to maneuver. Please tell me I'm not the only one that almost wipes people out with those sideways rolling carts. They are dangerous when fully loaded with boxes. Despite the … [Read more...]