valentine’s day – paper treat bags

Can I tell you the truth? I'm never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. Actually, I pretty much have hated it my entire life. Why? Because it is my birthday. I was not big on my birthday being forgotten as a child due to the hype of the holiday. And now as an adult, I hate not being able to go out to dinner on my actual birthday because of the crazy crowds and crappy service. I guess I'm getting softer as I age because looking at all the adorable crafts on Pinterest inspired me to make little … [Read more...]

merry christmas!

Via Etsy - barnowlprimitivesWishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Santa didn't bring us much in terms of material gifts but he sure made us very productive little elves this year and for that I am grateful. I have some big reveals for this week. After we've all recovered from the festivities, I'll share the fun :)Thanks for following Directions Not Included! … [Read more...]

rest in peace dear christmas tree…

You read that right, our Christmas tree has moved on to a better life in the mulch pile. Right before Christmas too. I may have shed a tear or two but it had to go. Poor thing was dead and my floor around the tree looked like this several times a day. I wonder who had a hand, I mean paw, in the early demise of this tree. Good thing she is cute. It is sad to see it go so soon but since we don't have kids so I had to be realistic. The mess was too much with all the projects we have going on right … [Read more...]

visiting type a decorating – holiday tile coasters

Hope you are all having a fine Saturday. I'm taking a break from this weekend's project list to visit with Tammy at Type A Decorating. I'm participating in the 25 Days of Christmas Guest Bloggers series. I'm sharing how I made these holiday tile coasters which are great as gifts and perfect for adding a little extra decor to your home. They are so easy you still have time to add them to your list before Christmas. Trust me. Stop on over for a visit. If you are coming over from Tammy's … [Read more...]

holiday decor – the truth about what it looks like

This will be our first year celebrating Christmas in this house. We closed on the 21st of December last year and were in full on demolition mode by Christmas day last year. That meant there was no decor here or in our old place. I had grand plans of being all decked out for the holidays by now. I started off on the right foot with some glittery centerpieces and a clean house. But now we are in a time crunch with the holidays quickly approaching. Seriously? How fast is this month going?! I've … [Read more...]

from fall to christmas – Inexpensive centerpiece change

We have a lot of other projects going on so I'm trying to keep the decorations simple and easy to handle this Christmas. Having a crazy kitten is also motivation to keep the decor minimal. I knew I just wanted to repurpose the fall centerpieces I put together just a few weeks ago.I picked up two bags of mixed glitter embellishments on Black Friday and just replaced the pearly pumpkins. Took me all of 2 minutes and gave me a new look for my table. Simple enough, right? What are your centerpieces … [Read more...]