leveling the playing field

We figured out that the back area of our house was an addition in the late 60s. In the original floor plan, the transition space between the dining room and the family room, or the bar as we call it, must have been the laundry room. The family room was actually a covered patio and our master bedroom was originally the garage. The studio,master closet and bathroom were added during the time when they closed in the patio to make it our family room. This addition left us with a few random steps in … [Read more...]

introducing the pack

Since you will be likely be seeing these faces quite a bit when we move (scheduled for the 5th!!) I thought it would be good to give you a quick introduction to the crazy cast of characters we live with. All these adorable faces are rescued so save a life and rescue a pet. Name: DylanAge: 10.5 yrsLikes: Sushi, his mommy, car ridesDislikes: Bicycles, cucumbers in his sushi, nail trimsName: AnnieAge: 11 yrsLikes: Being brushed, slobbering on the computer screen, her bed by the windowDislikes: … [Read more...]

something old, something new

As I've mentioned before, we are moving some of our furniture and then buying some new pieces and accessories since a lot of our current furniture are really just transitional pieces we acquired over the years. Since I won't be able to be in the house much during the week while the installers are there, I'm taking advantage and doing a little shopping. Currently on the list to be purchased this week...New duvet cover & pillow shams for the master bedroom from west elm. The bedroom will be … [Read more...]


Remember this game from the arcades and county fairs as a kid? Whack-a-Mole? Photo CreditI had the chance to play the same game with my husband on Monday night. You see, our kitchen originally had some laminate floors that had been installed on plywood over the sub-floor. In preparation for installing the hardwoods we needed to remove the plywood to have an even sub-floor throughout. You would think it would have been a priority to check that the sub-floor was in good condition with some time to … [Read more...]

music to my ears

My hubby knows I'm handy and can hold my own for most DIY projects but he shudders at the thought of me touching any electrical project. I've never done anything that would cause this concern so I just assume he's being an overprotective husband. Boys. I took advantage that he was preoccupied to tackle the doorbell and thermostat for the air conditioner. Minor electrical components but extremely easy to do if you follow the directions. These were things he has been putting off for weeks and I … [Read more...]

budget? what budget?

So you know how we intended to have all of our existing hardwoods refinished and some new ones installed in just some areas? We just had to throw that idea out the window and all of our existing floors with it. We knew our floors were damaged and that more of the damage would be apparent when the sanding started but we didn't expect it to be a total loss. Termites eat wood from the bottom and sideways so the top sometimes looks better than the full board. Here is what we were working with … [Read more...]