before and afters – a mini-tour 18 months into renovations

Happy Monday! I'm in route to Denver for the week so posting will be light. We had too much fun this weekend so we didn't get much work done. Those are good weekends though, and we definitely needed it! 18 months into this renovation, I finally decided it would be a good idea to start taking our after photos. The weather was crappy the weekend I decided to do this so I have to take new ones for some rooms so for now here is what we have. The craft room renovation you all know well. Our … [Read more...]

pinterest semi-fail – succulent wreath or centerpiece tutorial

This post would be more appropriately titled "Why I am not allowed to play with plants". Seriously. I got all excited with the succulents available at Home Depot the other day and decided I wanted to try my hand at the succulent wreaths I've been seeing on Pinterest. You see where this is going, right? Me + succulents = certain death.I found a great tutorial for making a succulent wreath and organized all my supplies since it seemed easy enough. A wire wreath form, moss and succulents. I went … [Read more...]

tuesday crush – terrazzo floors

I'm so relaxed and recharged after a random Monday off. Having a whole day to myself let me catch up on my house projects, a couple of crafts and some thrifting felt great. I even came home with some goodies I will share soon! Recently, it seems we've been talking about the houses we put offers on before this one. It took us a really long time to find this place and during our search we put offers on three houses that we ended up losing to bidding wars or stupid bank circumstances. Not that … [Read more...]

hoarders keeping order – how to organize paint with a lazy susan

It is no secret that I love my craft supplies. As my collection starts to grow, some things get a bit hard to sort through. I caught myself buying paints I already had because I couldn't see all my colors. I had my stash thrown into one of the cubbies in my craft room, which was just not the most organized way.Enter the lazy susan. I bought two of these at Target for under $6 bucks. Filled them up with my paints and now they are easier to sort through when I give them a spin.I have to give … [Read more...]

gallery wall – not the inspirational kind

I love my craft room, I really do. Is it perfect? No, come on, I'm a real person. It looks pretty in pictures but there is cat hair on things and an overall mess on more days than I want to admit. There is a wall in the craft room I rarely show. The intention was for it to be a gallery wall of all inspirational images and things. Right now it is not is looking okay but not what I really wanted. I'm not thrilled about the placement. It needs some fine tuning and in places where there … [Read more...]

happy birthday to me and a personalized map gift

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm reluctantly celebrating by 31st birthday today. I don't think I mind the age part, must be that I still haven't gotten over being born on this holiday ;) We are keeping it low key just like I want it. Just a nice evening with the hubby, the mutts, sushi take out and a nice bottle of wine to celebrate.I haven't bought the Ray a Valentine's gift in years but I figured this year would be as good as any to change that. I bought them last month and was so excited about how … [Read more...]