and behind this door – florida room plans


I love my husband. I really do. But there are times that I want to make him sleep outside. Our family room (or Florida room because that is technically what it is) makes me want him in the yard overnight. Not even with the dogs because I would never let them sleep outside ;) The family room has been one of the projects that has slowly driven me crazy since we moved in. We've made a ton of progress from its original state but I just need it done. … [Read more...]

a little list – 2014 goals


Yeah, so making grand Pinterest resolutions and house goals in 2013 did very little to keep me on track last year. Slacker. I admit it. Last year was pretty freaking busy and I just never managed to get anything of note crossed off those lists. We did finish a ton of other random house projects, and our respective jobs kept us busy as can be. Enough excuses though, because this year, we are making a list and crossing things off. Have I ever told you that I write things down on my to-do lists … [Read more...]

pet crafts – diy midcentury pet bed

DIY MidCentury Pet Bed - Directions Not Included

While I do admit that most of my 2013 goals and Pinterest resolutions were a bust, I did finish one. Well, at least part of one. I've been plotting making a piece for the house with hair pin legs since I found I bought some forever ago and they sat there¬†taunting me. What better way to put them to use than a DIY midcentury pet bed for those ratty, I mean stylish, little mutts of mine. Sadly, I lost the memory card that had the photos while I put this together but it was … [Read more...]

pet crafts – diy cat scratching post

Cone Cat Scratcher

And with this post, I'm announcing I'm back. I will not make grand plans of multiple posts a week but my resolution to myself this year is to blog at least semi-regularly. It helps that this year we plan to tackle much of the pending renovations in the house so that should help with content ;) In the meantime, I have been crafting so I'll start sharing those. Part of the remodel includes new sofas in the family room. In an attempt to keep the cats away from those when they arrive, I made a DIY … [Read more...]

a very delayed reveal – our diy ikea kitchen


When I look back at the blog, I'm quite embarrassed that it has taken us this long to reveal the kitchen. We've been in this house for 2 years this month. By blog standards, our kitchen is nothing spectacular so it really isn't an earth-shattering reveal. We have a pretty small kitchen and given the layout of our house it wasn't in the cards to change that. We went with a DIY IKEA kitchen for our renovation. Overall, we love what we were able to do on a budget and with limited space. In case … [Read more...]

midcentury dreaming – a thrift store score

Happy Monday! Sorry for the lack of posts last week but I had a fun-filled work week in Denver, which gave me no time for posting. I didn't even get a chance to meet Nikki from The Ambitious Procrastinator¬†for drinks like we had planned. Here is a photo recap of what kept me busy in Denver last week. As you know, I'm usually a thrift store failure. I've been dreaming of a dresser or two to use in my family room for some time now. I actually found two. This this is the second one I found. … [Read more...]