crafty time

Crafty time project overload. That addicting little thing called Pinterest, is filling my brain with all sorts of wonderful crafty ideas I want to do. Problem is I can't seem to find the time to do them all. I end up making weekly daydreaming stops at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels' to stock up but I haven't managed to finish anything. Just a glimpse of what I have in process...Pillow cases. Many pillow cases. All my pillow inserts have been sitting on the sofas throughout the house naked since … [Read more...]

spring craft room cleaning

I guess it really should be summer cleaning since it is in the 90s out. Whatever the case, the time to get organized has arrived. I've admitted I might have a slight problem with Target and various craft stores. Due to my shopping habit the craft room closet was looking a little shabby with all my recent purchases. I have all this wonderful space to store things and had great intentions to keep everything perfectly organized true to my OCD tendencies. As is the case when there are too many … [Read more...]

what happened to spring?

I admit, living in South Florida I’m quite spoiled in terms of weather.  I landed in Chicago yesterday and will be here most of the week on business. It is in the 30s in March. I thought it was spring?! I’m not prepared for this. Thankfully, I own a wool coat and boots but the rest of my wardrobe is seriously lacking for this weather. I will be locked up in a conference room most of the time in the Aon Center where our corporate office is so I should stay pretty warm. At least it is a great … [Read more...]

wrapping it all up

I hate gift bags. Yes, I use them in a pinch especially around the holidays but I much rather wrap a gift with some nice wrapping paper or try and do something a tad more creative (bonus if it is useful) in terms or containing the gift. Target carries these sand pails and I've used them a few times for baby/kid gifts. They come in a variety of colors to work with all sorts of themes. This latest one was for a dear friend who just welcomed her third bundle of joy.First you start with your stash … [Read more...]

bye, bye litterbox

I've never been so excited to pour cement. Well, I actually did not pour any of it since each bag of cement weighs 80lbs and it took 16 bags to fill this sucker up. I'm a good supervisor though :)So thankful not to have a giant random planter and waterfall in my family room!  In other great news, we moved in this weekend! Once I locate the camera cable you'll get to see what the place currently looks like in all of its messy, middle of renovation glory. Thanks for following Directions Not … [Read more...]

music to my ears

My hubby knows I'm handy and can hold my own for most DIY projects but he shudders at the thought of me touching any electrical project. I've never done anything that would cause this concern so I just assume he's being an overprotective husband. Boys. I took advantage that he was preoccupied to tackle the doorbell and thermostat for the air conditioner. Minor electrical components but extremely easy to do if you follow the directions. These were things he has been putting off for weeks and I … [Read more...]