holiday decor – the truth about what it looks like

This will be our first year celebrating Christmas in this house. We closed on the 21st of December last year and were in full on demolition mode by Christmas day last year. That meant there was no decor here or in our old place. I had grand plans of being all decked out for the holidays by now. I started off on the right foot with some glittery centerpieces and a clean house. But now we are in a time crunch with the holidays quickly approaching. Seriously? How fast is this month going?! I've … [Read more...]

lay of the land – our floor plan

I don't know about you but every time I look at the houses of bloggers if a floor plan is not available I'm always trying to figure out how the rooms are laid out. It must be the genes I get from my architect father, but I always want to know which rooms are connected to which. It really helps gauge the style of the house and flow of the design. My father might kill me for posting this horrendous floor plan but I don't have the energy to sit down and try make a perfect one. This one may be off a … [Read more...]

another brick in the wall – painted brick

Back in September I won the Wagner Power Painter Plus from Wagner and My Repurposed Life. I shared the project reveal over there a few weeks ago but I wanted to share with you here in case you didn't make the trip over to Gail's to check it out. Our family room is covered in slump brick, a thin and uneven brick with deep grooves which makes painting it a tedious task. Since we bought this fixer upper in December of last year we have lived with the dingy painted brick that is sprinkled with … [Read more...]

tiling fun – subway tile backsplash time

We never had any intention to install our own backsplash. Actually, I should rephrase that....Ray never had any intention of letting me install the backsplash. I wanted to try it after watching too much HGTV and DIY network. Our walls are not exactly straight and since we decided on white subway tile for our backsplash, he convinced me to leave this to the experts. So we have been living with plain white walls since April when we did our initial reveal of the kitchen. These two photos were taken … [Read more...]

weekend plans – stalled project

A while ago I hinted that we were considering making a custom bar from IKEA kitchen cabinets. Last night we drove to IKEA after work and it didn't go as planned. Do you ever have those days where nothing seems to go right? That was last night. So instead of coming home with the cabinets to make a bar, we came home with an empty bag. At least the cat likes the empty IKEA bags.So we'll be spending some more time thinking through this project and our bar will look like this a bit longer. Sigh.I'm … [Read more...]

paint sprayer project revealed

So enough suspense, if you want to know what I did with this new toy...Via Wagner Please give My Repurposed Life a visit today. The paint sprayer helped us begin a major transformation in one room of our house.I'm also now officially addicted to my Wagner Paint Sprayer. I'm going to paint everything in sight with this thing!If you are a friend of Gail's joining me, welcome!!Thanks for following Directions Not Included! … [Read more...]